Odesza: The Last Goodbye Cinematic Experience

A documentary about the friends who made a name for themselves with electronic music live concerts.

I went to see this with my wife at a CMX movie theater that’s clear on the other side of town, one that we normally don’t go to, and it was a bit of a frustrating experience. The first part of that frustration was that I bought the tickets online through Atom Tickets, who emailed me a QR code, which I thought was going to be like AMC’s scan to enter system, but no, CMX wanted us to go to customer service first to use the QR code to claim paper tickets, THEN we could get in line. We got to our exceptionally comfortable seats and had a relatively enjoyable experience with the exception of one giant dead green pixel right in the center/left of the screen. It was super noticeable and very frustrating to see,

The movie itself though was pretty ok, I’m a huge fan of Odesza’s work, most of the albums I’ve heard have a strong throughline that makes it easy to listen straight through, something that this film didn’t capitalize on, it interweaved one song from a live show then doing behind the scenes stuff, which I was hoping for more BTS of the show and not a look back on the musician’s lives or time at college.

The music was great!

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