Power & Glory (1994)

Written and created by Howard Chaykin. A crime fighter is genetically engineered to be a super-hero – but when the test goes awry and he doesn’t have the super-hero qualities needed, he has to be teamed up with a former CIA agent who is the brains behind the duo. One gets all the glory while one has all the power.

I picked up this mini series from the dollar bin at a local shop because I’m interested in super hero stories from defunct companies and universes. The Malibu publisher’s mark interested me, but I should have paid more attention to the “Bravura” mark, as this isn’t an Ultraverse story and is set off on it’s own universe and boy howdy did this book not age well in the nearly 20 years since it’s publication. It’s fill with painfully racist, sexist, and bigoted language and trope, has a story that works well enough, and amazing art, but I can’t get past the negative portions of the book to even remotely recommend it to anyone.

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