Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap: Directed by Danny Koo, Christine Thompson, Eric Monacelli, Tim Tsang. With Rex Anderson, Weston Heflin, Samuel L. Jackson, Dylan Jones. A card video game based on Marvel Comics.

I played this from release until a couple months ago when I just forgot to do the dailies, then never got back to it and was only reminded about the game when I was looking to clear up some space on my phone. The CCG aspect of the game is top notch, the animations each card gets are novel and I’m sure we’ll see more games with the parallax views in the future. That being said, there’s some clear loot box issues that mean you’re going to be spending hundreds of dollars to get the full collection, a situation that completely turns me off.

It was fun while I was getting new content every time I played though, so if you’re into Marvel stuff and want to check it out, I spent a good couple months enjoying myself, I only spent about $10 on a single month’s worth of a battle pass.

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