Team-Ups and Crossovers (Wearing the Cape Book 6)

Astra was done traveling, or so she thought. Benched for physical rehab and retraining, she’s in LA dating movie stars (not as fun as you might think) when the Department of Superhuman Affairs asks for help catching a superhuman serial killer. When what should be a simple job develops…complications, she finds herself catapulted into another reality—one with its own history and superheroes! As her teammates scramble to find out where she’s gone and what’s become of her, Astra embarks on a cross-world journey in search of a way home. It’s going to be a long trip.Team-Ups and Crossovers follows Astra and her teammates through multiple stories on multiple worlds, and includes a story co-written with David Barrack (writer/artist of Grrl Power), an original story by K.F. Lim, and the graciously permitted use of Velveteen and friends by Seanan McGuire.

Just as I thought the series was going to have the opportunity to get stale, along comes a collection of stories of Astra bouncing from reality to reality, pulling in characters from other franchises ranging from interesting to amazing to strangely boring. There’s a vacation story tacked on at the end that feels out of place from the other stories, but on the whole this is a great collection and it exposed me to a few superhero universes that I’m determined to check out now.

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