Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet and Clank once again team up for an all-new adventure that combines diverse gameplay with elements of action, exploration, adventure, puzzle-solving, strategy, and role-playing into one experience. Together with the Q-Force, Ratchet and Clank set off to uncover the schemes of the sinister Dr. Nefarious and keep the galaxy safe for organic life. As one of three characters, you can now wield new weapons and gadgets, gain access to an array of vehicles, and master all-new abilities. The game also features both single-player and multiplayer (offline and online) gameplay.

This is the third game in the trilogy that was uprezzed for the PS3 from older PS2 games. There’s still a couple more ps2 remasters to play before I get to the first ‘real’ ps3 game, but if the quality continues to increase at the rate it’s been going for these three games, I’m perfectly happy playing through as many as necessary. The graphics are much better, the gameplay is much smoother, and the weapons are much more interesting. There’s also plenty of fun story elements that kept me engaged for the entirety of the game. It does show it’s age at times, with a President of the galaxy that sounds like Bill Clinton, and some mask stuff that might have been cool back in the day, but landed oddly here.

One more thing that I appreciated is Armin Shimerman as Doctor Nefarious, a perfectly pleasant villain that prompts the entire affair by trying to convert the galaxy into robots.

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