Captain America

Captain America: Directed by Rod Holcomb. With Reb Brown, Len Birman, Heather Menzies-Urich, Robin Mattson. A recipient of an experimental body enhancement chemical retaliates against his would be killers as a star spangled superhero.

I bought this two movie dvd on a whim, it was only $6 and came from Shout Factory, so why not? The two movies were Captain American (1979) and Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1980), both of which were made for tv movies with the same solid feel that the Hulk show had during that same time period. This first movie sets up Cap as Steve Rogers, the son of a scientist that experimented on himself, then died, and who’s partner sought out Steve the beach bum to continue the experiments. Reb Brown plays Cap and he’s a tall blonde guy with a stupid strong chin and is ripped BEFORE the drugs, and truth be told they made no effort to visually distinguish him pre and post drugs. The story is stilly, the Cap costume is silly, the changes to his origin are silly, but for some reason, this movie works for me.

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