Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Captain America II: Death Too Soon: Directed by Ivan Nagy. With Reb Brown, Connie Sellecca, Len Birman, Christopher Lee. The star spangled hero must battle a villain’s plan to poison America with a chemical that horrifically accelerates the aging process.

The second of two films, there’s a bit of re-used stuff at the beginning that had me worried for a moment, but after that first section, it’s all uniquely shot material. You’ll be happy to hear that the van that was destroyed in evil’s attempt to kill Captain America in the first film has been fully restored and Steve is driving it around again. In yet another move that reminded me of the Bill Bixby Hulk television series, Cap is sent on a mission to a random town to solve a problem. In this case, it’s the kidnapping of a biological weapons scientist that’s being blackmailed into creating an aging gas that will kill you with old age in just a matter of days!

Cap goes undercover in the town as a painter of cats and carries a cat around and it’s the most adorable thing you could possibly imagine. Also, Christopher Lee is in the film, which seems like he was either slumming or owed someone a favor, because it’s weird to see him here with the rest of the tv riff raff.

There’s one scene towards the end that made the entire thing worth it for me:

There’s some tv magic in which cap is escaping from a prison, he throws his motorcycle to the top of the wall, then deploys a hang glider and is suddenly hundreds of feet over a forest. Not explanation, just a smash cut and boom, he’s so far away that the guards give up on shooting him down.

I wouldn’t suggest these two films unless you’re a huge Cap fan or really want to see what Marvel was up to back in the 70’s.

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