Zola: Directed by Janicza Bravo. With Taylour Paige, Riley Keough, Nelcie Souffrant, Nasir Rahim. A stripper named Zola embarks on a wild road trip to Florida.

I swear I didn’t mean to watch two A24 movies back to back, but after “Hot Summer Night” this was up next on my watch list, partially there because I thought my wife would enjoy it, and partly because I had read the tweets that the movie was based from, then the reddit drama that occurred afterward. I don’t think I knew Taylour Paige or Riley Keough, but their IMDB page suggests that Taylour was in “White Boy Rick” which is on my “maybe I’ll watch that one day” list, and Riley was in “Mad Max: Fury Road” as one of the escapees from Immortan Joe’s water prison.

The story is always on the edge of unbelievability with plenty of opportunities for the main lady to get out of the situations that she’s in, but she never takes them. Is it based off a true story? Maybe. Or maybe it’s based off the true story of the tweets on twitter.

Regardless of its origins, it’s an entertaining watch.

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