The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes: Directed by Robert Butler. With Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero, Joe Flynn, William Schallert. At Medfield College, an accident with a donated computer gives Dexter Riley the ability to remember any knowledge learned instantly and perfectly.

Featuring an extremely young still charismatic Kurt Russell, this is an early version of the same concept of the “Chuck” television series, only this one from 1969 makes slightly more sense, as it’s not the data itself that gets transferred to the main character, but the ability to store, then process information itself. Ok, so in reality when you grab ahold of a main powerline going into a computer, you’re not going to get the powers of a super computer, but I’m ok with looking past that and getting to meat of the idea, which is that if a kid DID get the powers of a super computer, how would that play out? The actual result feels like a madcap Batman ’66 adventure, having Cesar Romero along for the ride didn’t help dissuade me from that feeling, so the end result is entertaining and has a relatively satisfying ending.

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