Creature: Directed by William Malone. With Stan Ivar, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe. After a member of a geological research team who was sent to Saturn’s largest moon: Titan crashes their spacecraft into a space station, another team is sent to Titan to investigate, not knowing the terror that awaits them.

A rather pedestrian film with bad framing, a mediocre sound track, poorly done special effects, and “one take” feeling acting. That is, right up until the characters in the film directly reference 1951’s “The Thing From Another World”, which John Carpenter made an extremely well received sequel to in 1982. I didn’t see the sequel until the mid 2000’s, but that original film was the stuff of nightmares for me when I first saw it when I was around 10. One of the soon to be almost dead space adventurers is talking about how she’d seen a movie about a group of scientists in the artic that killed a walking carrot by running electricity through it until it was a crispy fried alien veggie. That suggestion was actually used and they actually almost killed their own killer alien that same way, but things don’t go exactly well. I was actually invested in the film by this point, and it’s easy for me to see where it went wrong (everything went wrong) but I can see how it started as a cool plot outline and the storyboards were likely pretty cool too, if they bothered to even make any.

Anyways, to sum it up, it’s a terrible movie, don’t watch it, but it was cool to see that “The Thing From Another World” is getting some love.

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