The Wheel of Time Season 1

The Wheel of Time: Created by Rafe Judkins. With Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zoë Robins, Madeleine Madden. Set in a high fantasy world where magic exists, but only some can access it, a woman named Moiraine crosses paths with five young men and women. This sparks a dangerous, world-spanning journey. Based on the book series by Robert Jordan.

Season one has wrapped and boy howdy did a whole bunch of nothing happen. Sure it was exciting and it set up a whole bunch of stuff, and the setting up was pretty cool, but it would have been super dope for the story to have advanced another 8 episodes for the first season instead of this abbreviated tease we ended up with.

I’m still going to suggest checking it out, the story is pretty solid, there’s some really interesting world building stuff going on, and Rosamund Pike is an absolute treasure.

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