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Hurricane Idalia

Thus far we’re doing ok, but my nerves are starting to get a little on edge.  The county has issued mandatory evacuation orders for mobile / manufactured homes, all our local rivers are already cresting near historic peaks, and the storm is still about 10 hours away from actually getting to my small blue dot on the map.  We have all our provisions ready, all our batteries are charged, extra propane has been acquired, and the armory is fully stocked, so we’ll be able to fight off the hurricane gators and sharks that will usually try to sneak into the...


“Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” Review

The Star Wars saga continues as new heroes and galactic legends go on an epic adventure, unlocking mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past. The only way this movie would end up in my physical collection is if I got it for free, and since the Disney rewards store had it for free that’s how I got it in my physical collection. I had to watch it again to make sure, but yeah I still don’t like 2/3 of the film. All the stuff on the salt planet was pretty ok, but the rest of it was...


“Iron Man: Armored Adventures” Review

A teenage Tony Stark battles evil with his revolutionary power armor technology. I added this to my D+ watch list back in 2022 based solely on some Reddit comments on how “hard” the main theme “slaps”: The theme does indeed go hard for a kid’s cartoon and is catchy enough to remain in my mind rent free for longer than I’m happy to admit. Originally airing back in 2008, both of the seasons are now fully on D+ and complete a full story arc of Tony’s loss of his father to him becoming the super hero we all know him...


“Ted Lasso” Season 3 Review

American college football coach Ted Lasso heads to London to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling English Premier League football team. This is the third and final season and honestly I’m not sure if my heart would have been able to handle any more than the 12 episodes we got. The series already had a reputation for being emotionally raw and they went all in for the ending of the show with topics ranging from anxiety to depression to thruples to racist fans to bigots on and off the field to just being plain old homesick and needing a change of...


“Tremors” Review

Natives of a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one. This first Tremors film was the one that got the franchise started and while it’s a novel concept, it really does fall apart once you start thinking about the physics of how these creatures are moving around undisturbed soil like they are in the film. Ignoring that small physics problem, I still enjoyed the movie. Buy On Amazon!

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