Smart Brevity

‘Smart Brevity’ is a writing and communications manifesto for the information age. It will teach readers how to communicate better with fewer words and more pun

As a book about saying more while pruning back the number of words, they do a good job of lending themselves as an example, the book is 224 pages long, but it’s a super breezy read. Most of that is because their primary point is that nearly all articles can be broken down into a missions statement with no more than 5 bullet points, then a “one thing you should take away”, and maybe a link to something more in depth.


BOOK REVIEW: Smart Brevity is a short and worthy read
-225 pages, but easy read and only takes several hours
-many images
-insightful and useful information for you as a professional

I’m not sure if that style of writing is really up my avenue, but I think it’s smart to look at your writing and what context it’s in and tightening things up. How many emails or forum posts have you seen with a subject of just “quick question” or something vague like that?

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