“I Saw the TV Glow” Review

I Saw the TV Glow: Directed by Jane Schoenbrun. With Justice Smith, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Ian Foreman, Helena Howard. Two teenagers bond over their love of a supernatural TV show, but it is mysteriously cancelled.

A confusing and frankly confused movie that feels like a rare misstep by the powerhouse A24, the story builds to a climax that never happens and it’s only in the third act that I realized that both the main characters were extremely unreliable narrators and that nothing that’s given in the plot can actually be trusted. What’s the story that they’re trying to tell here, is it that all men are terrible and can’t be trusted, or is it that the reality that we live in can’t be trusted and it’s all just a thin veil of suffocation and oppression that you can never escape from due to our innate inability to want something better for ourselves?

Regardless I can’t suggest this one.

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