“Clerks III” Review

Clerks III: Directed by Kevin Smith. With Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Vincent Pereira, Mike Zapcic. Dante, Elias, and Jay and Silent Bob are enlisted by Randal after a heart attack to make a movie about the convenience store that started it all.

I bought the 4k copy of this a while ago, I think right about a year ago, watched the flick, then put it back in it’s case with the intent to get back to all the special features that are on the disc, of which there are a couple hours of documentaries, which honestly shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that knows much much Mr Smith loves to talk and gush about things he has opinions of. Since that time, I’ve had my own health scares that made some major life changes and going back to re-watch this was something I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to and to be honest I was having some minor depressive episodes while watching the film.

That’s obviously not Smith’s intent, but there’s a few parts that resonate with me now that didn’t back in 2022 and honestly every time I look around to see what I’ve accomplished with myself there isn’t much that immediately comes to mind, especially in light of Smith’s level of achievement. It’s not all bad though, because I know there’s plenty that I’ve done and I’ve affected enough people that it hasn’t all been a waste.

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