Hungry Gods

New costume? Check. Superhero mentor? Check. Government conspiracy to cover up the End of the World? Uh… check? Luke Gillis is barely dragging himself through college. Of course, if he wrote term papers the way he thrashed bank robbers, he’d probably be a doctor by now. His mentor is the Miracle Worker. Yes, that Miracle Worker. Some say he’s more outlaw than hero, but beggars can’t be choosers. Still, Luke must be doing something right. The U.S. Army has invited his alter ego–the dashing speedster Spitball–on a top-secret mission. With the country’s premier superhero team missing-in-action, this could be his big break. If he doesn’t get eaten first…

Another book from the “The Superhero Spectacular Book Bundle”, this one was written well enough that I enjoyed it for the most part, but there wasn’t enough world building to make me want to continue reading the read of the books in the series. Also, the lead character is a bit of a unappealing twit at times, which turned me off from wanting to see good things happen to him.

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