Super City Cops: Avenging Amethyst

Amethyst, one of the most renowned and mysterious costumed heroes of Super City, is found dead on a rooftop. Detectives Milewski and Alvarado of the Super City Police Department are assigned to theā€¦

After I was done with the “Wearing The Cape” series I was hungry for more superhero stories and there was a Story Bundle of super hero stories and I recognized several of the authors, it even included the first Wearing The Cape book, so I knew it was at least an OK bundle.

This one is by Keith R.A. DeCandido, an author that’s actually met at a convention and I’m a big fan of his Trek work and of his fantasy original IP is top notch and this book is no different than my past experiences with is stories. There’s a good interconnected story happening to several groups of people, some great character development, and a fully fleshed out world for the characters to exist in. The beginning was a little rough as we’re dropped in the middle of a fight with a lot of names to figure out who’s what and there’s no real true POV character to explain all the issues going on in the world. It’s a minor complaint in the end, because the world is eventually made apparent and all the names become familiar in due course.

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Eric Lahti
10 months ago

Interesting. I like superhero stories that break the traditional mold.

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