Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Ewoks #1

TALES OF THE EWOKS! On the moon of Endor occupied by the species called Ewoks, a group of these stout creatures has gathered around the fire to recount tales of triumph, defeat…and horror! In the art-forward manner of storytelling, watch an eclectic group of artists interpret the stories from the unique minds of Ewoks in a manner only they can envision! This can’t-miss issue for Star Wars fans of mirth, merriment and artistry is the book you’ve been craving!

A one shot comic with no dialogue at all, but that cover spoke to me: an ewok with the flames of violence in his eyes, ready to eat more storm toopers!

Turns out it’s a camp fire that they’re telling stories around, but I like my version better. The stories are ok, but the cover is the best part of this book.

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Tiki God


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