“Eureka” – S04E13 – Glimpse

Glimpse: Directed by Michael Robison. With Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Erica Cerra. Carter and Jo try out Zane’s new high-powered risk assessment system, but find that even it may not be a match for the dangerous level of competition among Eureka’s scientists.

I bought the entire blue ray set of the show “Eureka” just to have the one episode that Stan Lee guest starred it. I had watched the entire thing back when it was originally airing and really enjoyed it, so it was nice to revisit the series and remember how good it was. The show follows the standard serialized format where there’s a season long storyline that’s in every episode, but each episode also has it’s own B-story. The main one for this season was a visit to Mars, and this particular episode had a b-story of some investigative tech going haywire. Stan Lee’s part is for the visit to Mars, as they’re asking all the scientists and engineers in Eureka to make presentations about why they think they should be one of the few that go on the trip to the Red Planet. Stan plays a character that goes by “Dr Lee” and gamma radiation is mentioned, so it was well worth the $30 I spent on the series.

One day maybe I’ll rewatch the whole show, I do remember it being enjoyable at the time.

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