Fortress of Amerikkka

Fortress of Amerikkka: Directed by Eric Louzil. With Gene LeBrock, Kellee Bradley, David Crane, William J. Kulzer. A rebel is planing revenge against a corrupted sheriff. Meanwhile in the nearby woods, a crazy general is leading a secret militia called “Fortress of Amerikkka” who brutally kill anyone trespassing close to their campgrounds.

I’m been on a trashy movie kick lately and this perfectly fits the bill. Released in 1989, there’s plenty of weird Regan-esque politics, heavy handed messages, open racism, exotic nude women, non-exotic nude women, nude women, and absolutely jacked guys delivering one liners that make only the barest of sense in the context of the scenes they’re in.

I loved it, but you gotta know what you’re getting into before you start!

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