Star Trek / X-Men : Planet X

“Based on Star Trek: the Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry. X-Men based on the Marvel comic book.”

There’s a pretty good comic book that precedes this book and I had a pretty good time reading that, so I figured I’d give this book a try, as it was only $0.99 at the time. This is not a good book though. I’m not going to lay that at Michael Jan Friedman’s feet though, because this feels like there was a definitive decision to aim the book at a much younger audience, something in the 10-12 year old range, which is so much younger than the X-Men can be seriously written about, and way younger than what Trek usually aims for.

Two perfect examples:
Wolverine saying “in other words, we don’t give a toot”
Dr Crusher referencing the ghost cabin that she had ghost sex with a ghost in. The same sexy ghost that her grandmother had sexual adventures with.

There’s a third one that’s constantly on the top of my mind too that really demonstrates how the content was sanitized but in a confusing way. There’s a point where the X-Men and TNG crew were running through a city trying to save some people and Wolverine was describes as “going through a group of guards like a whirling dervish”. As you likely know, Wolvie has huge claws that he’s known to use to remove limbs and kill people with. As you also may know, a “whirling dervish” is a type of dance where you’re spinning around like a top that’s been spun. The end results of Wolverine doing such a thing would be plenty of limbs removed, dead people, and blood absolutely everywhere, but that’s not mentioned, just some glowing admiration from the TNG crew that was with him.

If you’re into both Trek and X-Men, this is a weird curiosity that you should check out, especially if you find it for a buck like I did. It’s not a good book though and won’t do much for you if you don’t already know much about the franchises.

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