Centers of Gravity – (Frontlines) by Marko Kloos (Paperback)

Stranded light-years from home, Major Andrew Grayson and his crew are on a desperate mission to discover the Lankies’ secrets. They can’t let what they’ve found die with them. Nine hundred light-years from home, Major Andrew Grayson and the crew of NACS Washington are marooned in a sunless system with limited water, reactor fuel, and food. The last hope for survival is to go where nothing human has gone before.

Kloos has been absolutely killing it with this series, and while this feels like an ending of sorts, it also feels like the beginning of something. I may need to reach out to the guy himself or do some basic research on the matter first. This is the type of military science fiction that I’m avidly looking to read and Kloos does it so damn well, with energetically descriptive action, plots that hold my attention, and believability that fits perfectly within the universe that it exists in.

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