Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice

Diego Reyes, court martialled Starfleet commodore and disgraced former commander of space station Vanguard, discovers that his role in deciphering the truth about the Taurus Reach is not yet over. As friend and foe join forces in a separate peace against the threat of the Shedai — the godlike alien

The Diego Reyes drama comes to a head and just when you thought it was the worst it could get for him, it gets worse! Then it gets even more worse! Then I bet you can’t believe this, it gets better. But then it gets worse! The poor guy really gets the runaround in this book, but he’s not even the most interesting story going on in, for that I’d have to say the crystal skull that everyone’s fighting over is the winner, as it’s the main focus of everyone in the book, even if they don’t know it.

Another great entry in this series, looking forward to seeing what the next one brings, though from my understanding it’s a collection of short stories and not one large one.

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