Samaritan: Directed by Julius Avery. With Sylvester Stallone, Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, Pilou Asbæk, Dascha Polanco. A young boy learns that a superhero who was thought to have gone missing after an epic battle twenty years ago may in fact still be around.

Initially written as a movie, then released as a comic, then adapted for the big screen, then bought and distributed by Amazon, the journey for the film was long and difficult, but now it’s ready for you to consume at your leisure on your device of choice! The movie itself is pretty ok, with many elements of a good flick, but I think they try to be too clever for their own good and give away the third act completely before the middle mark. Stallone is doing well enough that I have no complaints, but it’s Javon Walton that guy my attention. We’ve seen him before on Euphoria, but here he’s the main character and does well enough with the role that I think he’s going to have a great future ahead of him.

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