Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell: Directed by Clint Eastwood. With Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Brandon Stanley, Ryan Boz. Security guard Richard Jewell is an instant hero after foiling a bomb attack at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but his life becomes a nightmare when the FBI leaks to the media that he is a suspect in the case.

I think we’ve all met people like Richard Jewell, over compensating, overweight, overstimulated people with exceptionally high aspirations but lacking the abilities and authority to accomplish much of what they see for themselves. Despite the air of being an imposter in nearly every scene, Jewell ended up being right about an explosive at a crowded venue and was judged exceptionally harsh by everyone involved in the investigation. This movie isn’t an 1:1 recreation of the series of events, as always characters are moved or merged and the resulting picture ended up being sued by the newspaper and reporter at the center of the false allegations made, but the best they could protest about is that in the movie the reporter played by Olivia Wilde, suggests that she’ll sleep with an FBI agent for information about the case.

The movie is filled with familiar faces from start to finish and I’m not sure who would be the most notable. Kathy Bates has some great lines about why the FBI needs her Tupperware, Jon Hamm is fantastic as the federal agent, and Sam Rockwell is damn near the hearo of the piece being the only character outside of his mom that believes Jewell wasn’t a mad bomber.

It’s a good film, but sad to know that Richard went through so much absolutely horrible treatment before he died of complications from his Diabetes just about ten years after the bombing.

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