The Sandman

The Sandman: Created by Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer, Allan Heinberg. With Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Patton Oswalt, Vivienne Acheampong. Upon escaping after decades of imprisonment by a mortal wizard, Dream, the personification of dreams, sets about to reclaim his lost equipment.

Dare I say it, but this adaptation of the much loved comic book series by Neil Gaiman is actually quite good! Netflix has a much deserved reputation for not handling adaptations all that well and DC / WarnerBros has been failing at nearly everything they’ve done in the last couple years, with nearly every single one of their projects having “something” that doesn’t work very well about them. There’s a couple odd things about Sandman as well, but nothing that even made me raise my eyebrow in a concerning way. The casting was downright perfect for every role that I’m familiar with and those I wasn’t were just fine. Special shoutout to Gwendoline Christie for her pitch perfect depiction of Lucifer Morningstar.

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