Autonomy: Directed by Alex Horwitz. With Eddie Alterman, Malcolm Gladwell, Ray Magliozzi, Andy Schaudt. Brief history of the development of self-driving cars along with an even-handed look at the pros and cons of giving up human control of something that has been a significant part of people’s lives for more than 100 years. The film suggests we are at a significant cultural and economic turning point.

The horrifying future is now here, where cars are no longer driven by insane people that will run into you if you look at them wrong, but will now be drive by artificial intelligence that can be hacked by DIFFERENT insane people to cause crashes and kill people. This is a in depth look at automatic cars, circa 2019, which you might not thing much has changed in only 3 years, but the difference in tech from then and now is night and day. I wonder what it’ll be like in 5 more years?

Maybe I can finally make a drive on I-10 without someone riding up my ass because I’m only doing 20mph over the speed limit?

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