Star Trek: Vanguard – Harbinger

ALIAS meets STAR TREK: The watchword is intrigue as the humans and aliens of a Starfleet space station spearhead the race to find the secret behind a potentiall

Guess the synopsis of the book tells you how old it is, and I guess what they’re going for, though this is more of a standard Trek adventure than I think they’re setting people up for. I mean, I’m reading it because I’m a Trek fan, not because I’m a Alias fan, right?

Regardless, this is the first book in the Vanguard series, it features it’s own cast and crews of an exceptionally large “Vanguard” class space station that has several permanent resident spaceships, but for this first adventure they include the TOS crew and ship, fresh off one of their first adventures with a relatively green captain Kirk. It’s a quick adventure that flows pretty quickly, but there’s way too many names for my taste. A good number for me is around four to five main characters with maybe half a dozen supporting ones, but I think there’s about 10 main ones here, with about 20 supporting characters, so I had to check notes from time to time to remember who was doing what. Didn’t help me at all that I was reading this before going to sleep, so there were several chapters that I re-read more than was strictly necessary.

It’s a good first step though and I look forward to moving on to the next in the series.

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