Resistance 2

Resistance 2: Directed by Brian Hastings. With Troy Baker, David Boat, Emerson Brooks, Dan Brown. The Chimera have launched a full scale invasion on both the east and west coasts of the United States. Hale joins a special task force group put together by the SRPA, who are also resistant to the Chimera virus.

Due to a fun quirk of how my day job is letting us work, I now have Mondays off, and I’ve decided that Mondays are going to be days that i work on my video game backlog, starting with the consoles that I’ve owned for years and years, but never really gotten around to playing. First up in my ps3, which I’ve had plugged in for about 9 years but have only played about 3 or 4 games on it, so I think I’ve used more power keeping it in standby than actually playing it. That’s changing one monday at a time! I’m planning on playing 1-5pm Eastern, so subscribe to be on twitch if you want to watch the shenanigans:

First game of this renewed PS3 push is “Resistance 2” a 2008 game that followed up the PS3 launch title “Resistance: Fall of Man” that was released just a couple years prior in 2006. Both of these games came out well after Halo and Halo 2, and have some strong influences but nothing that’s so noticeable that I would say there’s any plagiarism, just some weird coincidences, including the bullshit cliffhanger ending. It’s a solid enough shooter for the time period that I can see why it was as well received as it apparently was. I actually started playing the game back in July of 2015, got distracted by something and never got back to it until June of 2022, so nearly a full seven years later. Total game time was maybe 11 hours, so there really was no good reason to let it sit around all that time.

My one big complaint is something that I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still not used to the PS controllers or what, but my left hand is killing me from holding down the run button for nearly the entire final level. No, it’s not left stick in like every modern game has done, but it’s holding down the left trigger, which on the PS controllers is a pretty heavily tensioned trigger.

Want to see the play throughs? here’s the links, though I should warn you the first video has an hour of just one static image because I didn’t notice that the stupid video capture box I have was frozen, but you’ll get to hear me jabber for that entire time like an idiot:

This isn’t photoshopped by the way, it’s the same day that I finished the game and wrote this review:

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