Secret of the Incas

Secret of the Incas: Directed by Jerry Hopper. With Charlton Heston, Robert Young, Nicole Maurey, Thomas Mitchell. An adventurer searchers for hidden treasure in the Peruvian jungles.

A film mentioned in a book I read recently, “California Tiki”, “Secret of the Incas” features the singing of Yma Sumac, well known for her “Exotica” album work. As a happy coincidence, one of my favorite silver screen actresses is here too, Glenda Farrell is here, but to be honest I didn’t even catch on to that fact until after the movie was over, some super sleuth I’d be! More apparent though is the proto Indiana Jones character as played by Charlton Heston, though in this case he’s a simple tour guide to the local sites and museums for tourists. They filmed on location at some pretty sensitive locations, the most noticeable is the top of Machu Picchu, a historic site that I doubt would get the green light today to be filmed in.

There’s a volume of reasons to suggest this film. This is clearly an inspiration for Indy, so if you’re a fan of that franchise, this is a great one to watch. If you’re a fan of pop tiki music, Sumac deliveries some amazing songs for you to enjoy. If you’re a huge nerd for Glenda Farrell, she’s here too, just not as a main character, much to my disappointment, but any appearance is a good appearance for me!

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