No Responders Left Behind

Directed by Rob Lindsay. No Responders Left Behind is a feature documentary following 9/11 responder & activist John Feal who, along with comedian Jon Stewart and FDNY hero Ray Pfeifer, fought the U.S. Congress to ensure that thousands of terminally ill 9/11 First Responders got the health care

This was released back in 2021, but I just now found a stream of it, and I promise you, I’ve been looking! It’s every bit as emotionally frustrating as I expected it to be, with the same obvious players making life difficult for everyone around them, using morally corrupt reasoning to cause pain, suffering, and uncertainty to people that gave their good health to help clear the destruction that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 left if it’s wake.

There’s two obvious solution to the problems that are talked about in this film: universal healthcare and the dismantling of the Republican party. Which of those is more likely though?

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