Star Trek: The Next Generation: Officer’s Manual

Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer’s Manual is a supplement published by FASA in 1988 for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game to update game material following the premiere of the new television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. However Paramount Pictures did not feel FASA’s new material match

This is a well done book, but unfortunately was developed separately from the main TNG show, so there’s a ton of information that makes no sense at all in context of what people were expecting after seeing TNG on the screen. Add to that, most of the ship designs are hilariously bad, the best example of that I have is the Whellington Class: look at how absurdly bad that entire thing is, it looks like the engineering section is infected and is bloating up. Again though, the book itself is well done, it just needs to be set in a franchise that isn’t Trek.

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