The Hunt for Bin Laden

The Hunt for Bin Laden: Directed by Leslie Woodhead. With Allen Farmer, Richard Clarke, J. Cofer Black, Pat D’Amuro. Witness the 20-year, billion-dollar hunt for the Al-Qaeda leader, as told by the main players who finally brought him down.

Released in 2012 just a few years after the arrest, death, and dumping of Bin Laden’s body into a deep dark grave in the middle of the ocean, this is a good summary of the lead up to the American incursion into a foreign country without their knowledge or permission. It didn’t go as well as we had hoped, one of the two helicopters involved were destroyed, but at the end of the day we got the guy we were looking for. I often forget that he was responsible for upwards of half a dozen bombings before 9-11, as that final attack really overshadowed all the horror and terror that came before it, but it’s important to know that event didn’t happen out of nowhere: there were plenty of signs it was coming and it was the failure of the American intelligence agencies that let it happen. Are things better now? I can only hope so.

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