Knight Rider 2000

Knight Rider 2000: Directed by Alan J. Levi. With David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Susan Norman, Carmen Argenziano. In the future, guns are banned and criminals are frozen for the duration of their sentences. A recent spate of killings involving handguns brings Michael Knight back to fight for justice, but he insists on the help of KITT, his artificially-intelligent car from decades ago. The only problem is that KITT has been deactivated.

Release 3 years before William Shatner’s “TekWar”, this tv movie shares many of the same concepts with freezer prisons, cops that don’t use real guns anymore and a future in which the system running society is absolutely falling apart. In Knight Rider 2000 though, there’s a familiar hero that’s ready to take on the bad guys, along with his recently reconstructed AI companion, this time in a classic car that’s a little less high tech than we’d hope for in a series set in the far away future of the year 2000. The movie itself is a serviceable made for tv situation, but it does have the distinct feel of a failed tv pilot with the ending giving a more than obvious dangling thread that I don’t think was ever picked up in any of the nearly half a dozen attempts at resurrecting the franchise. I’m honestly shocked that NBC/Universal hasn’t already signed a deal with Amazon or Google to bring their digital assistants to the screen on a more regular basis.

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