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Star Trek: Emissary Gift Set

  Includes: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interactive Technical Manual Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Pilot Episode on VHS Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger Star Trek: Conversational Klingon audio book on tape

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

game is on cd-rom, came with a “sound pack” that’s on 5 3.5 floppies. Also inexplicably came with a reference manual for “a final unity” that will go on a book shelf.

Star Trek: Federation Compilation

Star Trek: Federation Compilation

includes Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (dos) Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Cadet Briefing (4 level preview) (win 95) Star Trek: Judgment Rites (dos)

Star Trek: Enterprise

d2d The Chosen Collection #5, obviously a bootleg official dvds from shopgoodwill

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