Eaglemoss Star Trek Starship Collection #129 Tholian Starship (2268)

Eaglemoss Star Trek Starship Collection #129 Tholian Starship (2268)

The Tholian Starship (2268) appeared in the remastered Original Series episode ‘The Tholian Web’. This new version more closely matched the Tholian ships seen in prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise.

The Tholian Starship of the 23rd century was a highly unusual-looking vessel that resembled the tip of spear. It did not appear to have separate elements such as a command center or warp nacelles or indeed any of the parts that normally made up the components of a starship. It was nevertheless capable of warp speeds and possessed powerful weaponry.

Inside the magazine, find out about the upgraded ship’s abilities and the design done for the remastered BluRay editions of Star Trek: The Original Series.

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