“The Rocketeer” Review

A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high-flying masked hero.

After seeing the film about 20 times and having a ton of Rocketeer statues, comics, and toys, I realized that I didn’t actually own the movie on physical media, something that came to mind a few years ago, so it went onto my personal movie wishlist and it’s time finally came up a couple months ago and I just now got around to watching the disc. I still love everything about the film from the rocket itself to the romance and rugged adventure of gangsters and FBI fighting side by side to defeat Nazis on American soil, let by the devious actor Neville Sinclair.

The bad guy gets defeated and the good guy gets the girl and when I saw this as an eleven year old boy I simply did not understand what kind of appreciations this film was going to open to me, from the gorgeous Jennifer Connelly to the fantastic idea of a rocket pack to the art of Dave Stevens and all the pulpy stories that were just like The Rocketeer but different in amazing and captivating ways.

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