The Visitor

The Visitor: Directed by Giulio Paradisi. With Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, John Huston. The soul of a young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the prize in a fight between forces of good and evil.

I started this one becuase I was drawn in by the amazing artwork on the Kanopy page for it: but alas, that artwork did not live up to what I was hoping for. Even the art on the wikipedia page is pretty cool:

The movie is nominally about a war between cosmic powers for the fate of humanity, but that story gets lost in the strangely triumphant music any time the old guy with the beard shows up on screen, which every time it came on I thought we’d see an Olympic runner with the Olympic flame coming on screen, but instead it was an old man chasing or being chased by an 8 year old girl. They used the same music for their end battle too, which was definitely a choice that was made and they sure made it.

Perhaps I judge it too harshly, but there’s not much that I liked about the movie.

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