Hercules: Directed by Luigi Cozzi. With Lou Ferrigno, Brad Harris, Sybil Danning, Rossana Podestà. The story of the Greek mythological figure, updated in this 80’s version.

Lou Ferrigno’s first role after he was done with The Incredible Hulk, the tv show that made him famous as the titular Hulk, this movie is notable for a couple other reasons, the first and foremost is that it’s a terrible no good movie that should have never been made. The second is that Lou Ferrigno is absolutely beautiful and as perfect as a muscle man can be in a movie this bad. The plot is bad, the pacing is bad, the ADR is noticeable in every scene, the special effects are horrible, the miniature work is laughable, and except for Lou Ferrigno, there’s no reason to see this movie.

Lou Ferrigno though, holy hell. Every scene he’s in, he’s flexing, and his body work is absolutely amazing. You should see this film, just to see him, he’s just that insanely well sculpted.

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