The Void Within: The Cluster Saga Book One eBook : Tkacz, Carlos R.: Kindle Store

The 25th century. Humanity has discovered a new form of energy, the Source, derived from the very basis of life itself. Using this power to travel instantaneously through space, humans have spread through their corner of the galaxy and coalesced into two groups: the Coalition and the Inner Cluster. They are held in an uneasy economic and cultural relationship by their reliance on each other, the Coalition with the technology of the Source and the Inner Cluster with the materials to make it a usable form of energy. When rumors of conquest, political undergrounds, and alien contact threaten this balance of powers, it falls to three individuals to find the truth of the conspiracies swirling through their governments and to stave off a disastrous war. What they discover in the process will change the course of humanity forever.

I own the two books in this series, yet another couple books that I didn’t know where they came from, but there’s an afterward by the author that suggests I got it for free on Amazon and that I can donate some money to him if I feel like it, but that he’s more about spreading his work than making money off it right now. It doesn’t feel like a first book, is well written, and has a plot that continually moves in the right direction, so no idea why he isn’t making bank off the series. Maybe he is, just through the alternative methods he describes in the book.

Looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

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