Torchy Runs for Mayor

Torchy Runs for Mayor: Directed by Ray McCarey. With Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Tom Kennedy, John Miljan. Torchy conducts a one woman campaign against a corrupt mayor and crime boss, and when the reform candidate is murdered, she takes up the banner.

The mob has taken over city hall, and the local police are next, but Torchy Blane is one the case! She has an “illegally installed dictaphone” in the mayor’s office and she’s getting scoops like you wouldn’t believe. Unfortunately the mobsters figure it out and the games up for Torchy! She gets away by the skin of her teeth, just to get wrapped up in the shenanigans of trying to get the mayor recalled, get a new guy elected legally, all while contending with the mob shaking down the newspaper that she works for, not directly, but by going after the advertisers that pay the bills. There’s a murder by injection and Torchy is next, but McBride plays a prank on her, narrowly saving her goose. That prank? Putting her name on the recall election ballots to have her run as mayor!

This is Glenda Farrell’s final outting as Torchy and it’s a great one. They try one other actress in the Torchy role, but I’m assuming the studio just didn’t think it would work, so this is the penultimate movie in which we’ll see the character. It’s a shame that Glenda got pigeon holed into the “fast talking reporter” role for so long, but from what her IMDB page says, she had plenty of other opportunities to expand her career. I’m going to start buying her other films as I find them, when I can find them cheap!

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