November 14, 2021 Blog

2021 11 06 12.16.52 169x300 November 14, 2021 Blog
This is Odo.  His tail is rediculous, but he’s my leg cuddle buddy.  Meaning that he only cuddles with my right leg, won’t get on my lap, and hates being picked up.  Other than that, he enjoys screaming at me through the door at 8:45 every morning right when he hears my alarm go off.  He’s a selfish little brat and I love him to death.

2021 11 11 13.57.16 300x169 November 14, 2021 Blog
This his brother, Miles, in one of the few times that he’s cuddled up next to me, but I bet you can guess which side of my laptop the heat exhaust is on?  He’s an extremely talkative cat and I love him to pieces as well.

2021 11 14 15.10.32 300x169 November 14, 2021 Blog
This is what I did yesterday and today, raked out a 10×100 foot section of my side lot, which is only about 1/20th of the size of the rest of the yard that needs raking and tending to.  I learned a few things about how to handle the job and feel like I did the easy one first, lol.  I had to buy these bags because I hate the idea of yard waste going into plastic bags (TLH has no mandate to my knowledge) and Home Depot had them for relatively cheap, though I absolutely hate how the HD website does it’s store selection: you have to do it on the product page (no changing once it’s in the cart!) and in Tallahassee we have two stores, which makes sense, except they’ve named one of them just “Tallahassee” and the other one “W Tallahassee”, so if you somehow just pick “Tallahassee” you really have no clue that you’re going to need to drive 45 minutes away on I-10 instead of going to the one that’s 2 minutes away.  I’ve emailed them about it, but like most companies of their size they are way too big to actually respond to emails.

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