Blondes at Work

Blondes at Work: Directed by Frank McDonald. With Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Tom Kennedy, Rosella Towne. Steve promises his captain not to favor Torchy with stories over other papers but becomes frustrated as to how she continues to scoop her rivals.

Incidentally, the poster for this move is the cover of the dvd collection, so it took me a second to realize why I thought I had already watched it when I pulled up the IMDB page. Torchy’s back from her flight, but she’s on thin ice with the local police captain, and if Torchy’s in trouble then her main man Lt. McBride is hot water too. Turns out that Torchy’s paper is getting all the hot scoops about the prolific number of murders in the city, and it’s all due to her romantically involved with the Lieutenant. The police captain tells him to have her back off and to not share any information with her at all, under any circumstances. Everyone is again at the top of their Torchy game, though in this outing she’s a bit less of a simpathetic characters, taking advantage of the dim witted driver that’s been her loyal companion for the last 4 movies. She even goes out of her way to insult him after pulling a fast one on him! This is also the first one of these that I can remember that Torchy isn’t just hungry for a story, I think she ate about 5 steaks during it’s hour and a half run time.

Alls well that ends well though with Torchy ending up in prison for contempt of court. Turns out that judges really really do not like having case verdicts printed in the local paper before their even announced in the court room.

“Why don’t you muzzle that girl, or marry her?”

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