The Adventurous Blonde

The Adventurous Blonde: Directed by Frank McDonald. With Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Anne Nagel, Tom Kennedy. After rival reporters, jealous of Torchy’s success, conspire to fake the murder of an actor in order to embarrass her, he ends up being strangled.

Another Torchy movie released in 1937, either IMDB has these dates wrong or they were all filmed back to back to back. Considering the length of them and the (lack of) complexity in the shots, I’d figure that they were quickly made. It’s the same three leads again, and all three of them are at the top of their game. The marriage that was proposed in the first film, then pushed back during the second film is finally on the way to happening, but wouldn’t you know it, and murder gets in the way. It’s actually not really a murder, but a prank pulled by some friends at the police station that wanted to pull a fast one on Torchy. Unfortunately though, someone took advantage of all the confusion this prank was causing and someone actually ends up dead! Torchy and friends go about their normal rounding up of suspects and getting the bad guys where they need to be. As for that wedding, well Torchy has a plane to catch, so maybe we’ll see a wedding in the next film? ha!

This is by far the best of the three movies so far, with an extremely fast paced but amazing story that ends with attempted suicides, suicides, murders, almost weddings, weddings, arrests and a runaway bride on an American Airlines airplane.

“You knock on everything except the door, don’t you?”

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