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If there’s a reason that Amazon is eating everyone’s lunch, this is an example:

I wanted the Black Widow 4k Steel book, so I order it from Best Buy since it’s an exclusive with them. They then ship a blu ray disk in a plastic bag, which then (of course) gets all dinged the fuck up. Mind you, these steel books are collectors things, so that kind of treatment is unfortunate. The local stores don’t have them, so there’s no way to exchange them, and (of course) the customer support people that you talk to have no ability to just tell the shipping team to put the damn thing in a box that will appropriately protect it from the normal wear and tear of going through the USPS. This disconnect is the reason that I’m going to refrain from ordering anything from BB in the future if they’re going to ship it. Store pick up, sure, but mailing? Best Buy hasn’t figured out how to mail a movie correctly, how are they going to figure out how to mail anything else?

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