Prisoners of the Ghostland

Prisoners of the Ghostland: Directed by Sion Sono. With Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Nick Cassavetes, Bill Moseley. A notorious criminal must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl who has mysteriously disappeared.

I love Sofia Boutella, and Nick Cage has been on an absolutely amazing series of weird as heck movies that all have unique or weird things to say or show, so you can imagine how amped I was for “Prisoners of the Ghostland”. Did it hold up to my lofty expectations?

Turns out yeah. He’s making interesting movies now days, with some weird stuff that is just sometimes weird for the sake of being weird, but at other times, they’re weird with a purpose and all sorts of layers to what’s going on. Sure, Cage isn’t the guy directing, and he’s not the guy writing the stories, but he’s choosing these movies for a (apparent?) reason. What’s that reason? I dunno, but I’m loving it.

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