It’s been two weeks since a missile with a nuclear warhead tore through the planetary defenses in the most blistering large-scale attack ever committed in the h

The third book in Marko Kloos’s Palladium Wars series, I had forgotten that I preordered this back when I finished book two, and was surprised (happily!) when amazon send me confirmation of download to my kindle. Unfortunately I was in the middle of another book that I was already enjoying, so it took me a bit, but I finally got around to it, finishing the story in just a couple days. That kind of timeframe is normal for books from Kloos, they’re easy to read and have enough action happening in them that they go damn quick when in my hands. The story continues the unique four person POV story of a planetary system set after a civil war among the planets resulted in the main POV character ending up in a POW camp for years, then being kicked back out to a society that didn’t want to accept him back into their fold. He’s all for reformation and turning a new leaf, but there’s plenty of people out there that want to start the fight back up, and thus the story.

I’m still enjoying this series as much as I am the author’s other series (“Frontlines” about massive unknowable aliens that are kicking humanity’s butt in the near future), so my only real complaint is that I wish he would be able to just pump these stories out quicker. Until that great day I guess I’ll just have to have patience.

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