Disney Plus Premier Access

After spending several hours bouncing around various customer support systems (which I swear: none of them were actually humans pressing flesh to keyboard) I give up.  Disney Plus’ “Premier Access” goes on my personal blacklist and I’m never going to do it again.  They advertise it as letting us view the movies “at the same time as theaters” but D+ is using the “official” release date of 7/9/2021, which is a Friday.  Anyone alive after the corona virus and willing to go to the theaters while the Delta variant is spreading like wildfire through the country get to see the movie on the 8th at 5pm.  For those that aren’t stupid and want to stay away from large rooms full of unvaccinated people, well they get to wait a full day.  I don’t think there’s a theater in the country that had their first showing on the 9th.


So, my plans for the 8th were ruined and a spent $30 on a movie I eventually watched Friday night instead.  It was ok and I enjoyed myself for the most part but it would have been nice to have seen it the night before with everyone else.  Part of the reason D+PA is on my black list is because of the open lies they’re saying about it, another reason is how impossibly difficult it is to talk to anyone that had any idea what I was talking about, much less someone that was able to do something about it.

Tiki God


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