Pitch Black: A Novel

A rogue comet spears an earth-bound commercial spacecraft, forcing it to plummet to the surface of an unknown planet. With the captain dead, a brave pilot performs a perilous crash landing. Other than three suns-which create perpetual light-and a slight oxygen deficiency, a search party discovers that the planet isn’t much different from Earth…until they stumble across a ghostly settlement littered with the human remains of geologists who mysteriously perished exactly sixty years ago. And the most horrific discovery of all: below the surface of the soil, where darkness reigns, live hungry predators with a deadly appetite.

They’ll novelize pretty much anything, won’t they? There’s some interesting back story added in here for Riddick and they never try to do the “oh she’s a GIRL?” moment that the movie did, which honestly works out better than I thought it would. The story is essentially “man who can see in the dark runs from a spaceship to another spaceship with people that can’t see in the dark” but Frank Lauria is able to make it interesting enough and true enough to the original story that I was entertained for all 200 pages.

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