May 16th 2021 Blog

2021 04 26 17.14.40 225x300 May 16th 2021 Blog
Every year at this point in time, the sun finds a way through my blinds to shoot me right in the damn eye right around 5pm.

2021 05 04 15.08.37 300x169 May 16th 2021 Blog
I bought a needle doodad for the record player that I bought from goodwill.  so far: record player was $13, cables were $10, needle was $25, connectors were $6 and I only own like 7 or 8 records, all of them Star Trek stories.  a few of them are the smaller ones that require an insert to play properly, which I don’t have yet.

2021 05 05 300x300 May 16th 2021 Blog
Foster cats, mother on second level, her name is “Fluffy”.

2021 05 06 300x300 May 16th 2021 Blog
The most adorable kittens in my house right now!

2021 04 15 17.36.38 169x300 May 16th 2021 Blog
feeding time, this was a couple week ago though, they’re about 99% weened now.

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